Launch Break

September 20, 2014
You must be wondering why this post exists and why there is a website where this post is posted to begin with. Allow me to shed some light on your confusion.

Throughout the course of my seventeen-year-old-ness, I have collected quite a number of requests for a birth of my own blog. A normal reaction from me every time a request or suggestion came up would be a dodge since I never really considered myself a sharer or a storyteller, let alone a blogger. I have always been a conversation-er, a listener, a mere presence when you need one, a part of a chat, a contribution but very seldom the one to drop a subject, almost never the party-giver. By now, you probably know where this introduction is going. 

Lately, I got to take some time to rethink and consider the possible reasons why some people actually want me to do this. I also took into consideration the opportunities that it entailed. Maybe the stuff I share could actually make a positive impact. Maybe a personal opinion or a thought could turn somebody’s day around. Or shit, even better, maybe one day I might get paid for this idk. So since it is a popular demand (lol not really) and since I spend quite a stretch of time socializing in the virtual world anyway, I finally figured; why not give it a go? So here in your sight, dear humanoid, is a sorry graphic telling of a gypsy soul's daily shenanigans.

I am very pleased to announce that this is not, you’re welcome, another style blog… although it could be. Hehe. It is not a literary blog, either, although it has the potential to be… I hope. Call it a whateveryouwannacallit blog for you have all the freedom to, but I would be more than delighted if we just saw this as a whattup gurl? webpage.

By personal observation, I have been quite excellent at thrusting myself into unknown or unfamiliar territory and this one is no exception. Just recently, I took an unreal ride that carried me to places that I both had and had never been before. I was not informed that it was the trackless emotional roller coaster, not unfortunately. It was a blur, the whole drive, but I’m certain I passed by euphoria where I met the greatest wanderers, struggled through the rocky land of competition where I discovered graciousness in defeat and even took two pit stops on rejection ave which were the points of the journey where some hearts busted.

Now, I am not going to chronicle all the little haps and mishaps of my humble adventures, in case you’re thinking. But by doing this, I am deciding that exposing a piece of me is not going to hurt.

I got off in the middle of a sleeping town and honestly, I have no fruckin’ idea where this new road leads but I do know this: every nerve in my body is electrified by the mystery. When does the next teardrop fall? Who touches me without touching my skin? What is the Great Perhaps this time? Where is the boy? How is the girl? How many? How much? How often? How much more? Are you going to be there when I unravel all these? I hope you are.

Welp. That’s it for my first ever blog entry. Time for the fridge.
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