Corner Tree Cafe

May 30, 2015
I had long heard about this place from the wonderful community of Manila Vegans. Many good things were said about the food and ambiance, so when I went on a Makati adventure with one of my best friends, Gabriel, I couldn’t waste the chance to visit!

It wasn’t so hard identifying which place Corner Tree Café was -- it’s literally the one set in a tree on the corner of a street! It was something neither of us expected, but both liked. And the members of Manila Vegans weren’t wrong about the ambience; the space felt really relaxed, cozy and homey. The inside somewhat looked like how a refined Filipino-style house would – a little dim, adorned with paintings and had shelves that are fully stacked with books! But out of all those, the main element of the “house” that I liked most was the beautiful fresh flowers set on each table. I even asked Gab if we could steal one! (And by ‘we’, I meant ‘I’.)

Essentially, when people who go by the same diet as you say that a certain place is worth checking out, you sort of get compelled to go and check that place out – and with confident expectations. Gab got himself some falafel sandwiches which he enjoyed very much, and I got me a bowl of their organic garden salad. What I thought about what I ordered was, “yes, this tastes undeniably fresh but this salad kind of makes me wish that I got something else.” It wasn’t the vegetables that didn’t thrill me, but rather the “vegannaise” dressing which I’d always been so curious to try – and the only thing that failed me. Good thing I ordered one salted caramel ice cream for dessert which totally made up for it!

Overall, I had a nice Corner Tree Café first time experience. I’d recommend this place to people who wonder what the taste of vegan delicacies is! So if you happen to be one of them, take a stroll down Jupiter and drop by! And also, tell me if what you got is any good so I could give it a try next time.



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