Kismet Cafe

May 20, 2015
It was after a long and (very) early walk when my friend, Migs, and I stumbled upon Kismet -- a charming little cafe that sits on Kalayaan Avenue in Makati City.

We walked in, hungry, and the first thing I noticed was an interior of rad and colors! The walls were covered in beautiful paintings and inspirational messages, while the decorative items here and there simply screamed zen. I stopped and thought, this is the ultimate chill spot for free-spirited bohos!

My natural concern when eating out is the menu. But Kismet didn’t disappoint because even though they’re not a vegan place, they serve items that are totally vegan-friendly! And what’s more, they use organic ingredients in their food so you could only imagine how excited I was.

I got some of their Organic Blueberry Jaffles and boy, were they lovely! They’re the sunny kind of breakfast that you’d want to have in bed with a cup of coffee on the side. And I don’t know if it was my babbled enthusiasm about the place or because we were their first customers of the day, but the friendly owners of Kismet gave us a couple of cracked gluten-free cookies at the end of our meal – for free!

Maybe I shouldn’t chat with cafĂ© owners as much as I did. But because I loved the place so much, I promised them I’d come back (for more free cookies, hopefully!). And I don’t mind keeping that promise at all.

Let’s go on a date here and be happy!


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