Drinking Flavored Water

July 29, 2015

Not going to lie -- I used to hate the taste of any flavored water. Even juices, I wasn't a huge fan of, believe it or not! From boxed concentrates to freshly squeezed, there was something about flavored drinks that didn't quite appeal to my tastes. Maybe it's something that requires some getting used to or maybe it's my fault that I couldn't adjust to the taste easily, but how I've come to like infusing fruits with my H2O, I tell you down below.

boosts metabolism

Now this is quite a popular truth but do you understand how? Well, as water alone is already long-proven to boost the metabolism, adding fruits to it only makes one consume more compared to when it's had plain. Personally, when I've just had infused water, I feel a subtle heat in my tummy, which I take it as a good thing because if my stomach doesn't feel warm at all, it could only mean that I'm bloated!


As I've said above, the warm sensation that I get from drinking fruit-infused water says that nasty toxins are slowly getting kicked out of my system. While these toxins get flushed out, the blood and organs begin to clean allowing the outer shell to have:

better skin condition

This is something that I never fail to notice. Using citrus fruits that have natural astringent properties like lemon and orange allows my skin to breathe better and feel refreshed. They tighten the tissues which aid to oiliness and stickiness! Other popular mix-ins for flavored water include cucumber and berries; also very skin-friendly fruits for they have cooling properties that protect the cells from external heat.

improves mood and performance

When all of the mentioned things above are happening simultaneously, the obvious and natural result would be an overall pleasant energy. After drinking flavored water, I tend to feel awake for hours. And because my energy is well up, working out is so much more fun and getting other tasks done doesn't feel like such a challenge! This is because the water is making the internal processes easier for my body while at the same time lifting me up, allowing me to do more!

I'm aware of how some food and drinks have become fads, especially those with a chic word such as "detox" in it. While I do understand why "detox water" may sound like a short-lived craze, it still wouldn't hurt to try and make a habit of! There are some celebrities (most notably Queen Bey) that consume flavored water (and flavored water only) for a certain amount of time as a way to lose weight quickly and assuredly. I've never tried going on a full detox-cleanse like that (nor do I think I ever will -- sounds a bit scary to me!), but if you ever plan to, let me know how it goes! 


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