Why Smoothie Bowls Are a Girl’s Bestfriend

July 02, 2015

What you see above is a frozen açaí bowl which usually makes about 3/7 of my weekly breakfasts. Smoothie bowls breathe life into me. And if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed how completely obsessed I am with them -- they’re such fun, pretty and colorful things! And I just enjoy arranging toppings and watching some slowly sink to the bottom.

The joy of having rainbows for breakfast and the appeal of “eating” smoothies with a spoon – smoothie bowls really make waking up so exciting and mornings something to look forward to! But unlike most food trends or “fads”, these bowls are more than just their looks. And what you have below are things that will explain my body’s great love for them – and why you should start making a habit of them too!


This one is obvious but sometimes you just gotta keep reminding people about certain things. It’s important that we meet our daily nutritional requirements and smoothie bowls allow us to do that. What’s even better is we can have it done first thing in the morning!

I know that many people don’t like vegetables but the way I do it (which I hope can be a helpful tip) is I cheekily sneak a handful of greens into my mix. My favorite choice is spinach, but using other green leafy veg such as kangkong and pechay works too! I know that it may sound disgusting to some people and using greens WILL change the color of your smoothie, but trust me, you will barely taste it at all!

Happy Skin
We all want that smooth, clear, and glowing skin but beauty products that are chemically laden (and not to mention, expensive) aren’t the way to go. One excellent way to achieve it though, is through consuming the right antioxidants that can help repair body tissues! Plus, they also protect the skin from the inside out because they have the ability of guarding and preventing the cells from any more damage.

Some examples of antioxidant-rich foods are nuts, grain, and brightly colored fruits and vegetables. If you incorporate more of these things into your smoothies, you’ll be saying “easy, breezy, beautiful” in no time!

One thing that I really love having is energy. But while cereal and toast may seem like a good idea, these things contain simple carbs that are quickly turned into glucose (sugar). Having these for breakfast results in a short energy boost which will eventually make you feel hungry again, crave for sugar, or experience a slump.

A sugar rush from natural sources on the other hand, is what keeps me thriving and feeling refreshed all morning. So a balance of sugar, fiber, fat, protein and carbs are all the pretty things that I like seeing in my smoothie bowl.

Quick and Easy
We’re all busy people but smoothie bowls barely give any excuse for you to skip breakfast. All it takes is 3 minutes to whiz it up and another 2 to eat (excluding the time you’ll need to Instagram it). And if you’re running really late, transfer the smoothie into a bottle and then take it with you to work!

"You Are What You Eat"
…so it’s only appropriate that we have ourselves some fabulous smoothie bowls.  It’s a lame cliché but I think we all deserve to eat like the queens that we are. *wink wink*

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