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August 13, 2015

Hello and welcome to the newest section of my blog! I've been wanting to share all things that I have on health and wellness for a while now, as well as the products/items that I use in my pursuit of an overall balanced life. You see, I so often get asked by friends here and there where I get my ingredients from so I thought it'd be great to feature some of them here! But other than that, expect that you'll find fitness tips/motivation and more product recommendations in this section as well soon.

Superfood -- the concept of it is not entirely new, but it's not well-recognized by Filipinos at the same time. If you're not familiar with what superfoods are, well, these are certain foods that are discovered to have outstanding plant properties and exceptional quality of vitamins and minerals essential to our health and wellbeing. Some examples of these are cacaospirulinamacaacaigoji berries, and wheat grass. If you follow any vegan athletes or health/fitness enthusiasts alike, then you may know that these are the very items that they take both as complements to an abundant plant-based diet and as supplements to an energetic and vibrant lifestyle! You can get these items from different health suppliers (which are fast-growing in number, if I may say) but my provider is a wonderful team called The Superfood Grocer.

I first met The Superfood Grocer at the 3rd Muni Market Day in March 2015. Back then, my superfoods came from an American company, which, in all honesty, was and is not the most practical deal. SFG is a local supplier and I don't think I can thank them enough for it because they make access to excellent health so easy and possible! What I love is that they don't just supply the Filipino community with the greatest foods ever discovered, they're also passionate about educating people with new, updated and reliable information on good nutrition! And I find that passion really inspiring as they spread the word through talks, seminars, workshops and even through email.

I will never forget how hardly I perked up the moment my first SFG package arrived on my doorstep. I mean, I wasn't a stranger to what was expected but it was the idea of going on the "Super" journey that excited me so! But before I took the plunge, I had done my research -- I read reviews, testimonials and their online starter guide that contained their background plus a couple of recipes. Now, I wasn't huge fan of green juices, let me tell you (I thought they were disgusting!) but with their guide, I slowly learned the proper measurements and combinations for the most nourishing drinks I could make! And contrary to what Instagram photos of smoothies suggest, the superfoods can also make great additions to ingredients for savory meals. As superfoods are pure, undamaged by any kind of heating and are completely absorbable by the digestive system, mixing them in sauces and such is easy as pie! Take a look at my Pumpkin & Pepper Soup and Avocado & Broccoli Pesto Pasta as examples.

If I am to pick which one of their products is my favorite, I say that it's definitely their maca. Having long heard a lot of awesome stuff about this root only led me to be skeptical about it. But in many months of using it, I can say that it's definitely proven itself worthy of the praise that it receives! Maca supports me on the daily (most especially when I work out) as it boosts my energy, stamina and endurance. And, more importantly (for me), helps me sleep better at night as I very often get terrible insomnia. 

I am a firm believer that "people need education, not medication" and as far as I'm aware, no team executes this better than The Superfood Grocer. The first best thing is to change your own ways; the second best thing one could ever do is to wake the others and educate them about how crucial nutrition is! Especially in our time where chronic diseases and illnesses have become so common, and even worse, accustomed to. So read up, watch documentaries, eat your vegetables and open your eyes to how much more you can be! Back up a developing or an already nutritious way of living with superfoods -- because it's always good to do a little more to stay healthy. And lastly, dare I say this, "choose to live a super life!"

Meek x

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