Bangkok: The Great City of Angels

November 24, 2015

Some cities have a way of completely engulfing you, conquering your reality -- the people, the culture, the landscape, the day-to-day scenery. Unquestionably, Bangkok is one of those cities. Setting foot in this astonishing part of Thailand allows you a peek into Buddhism as well as a taste of their cultural heritage conserved in the city's architectural esteem. 

Having always been fascinated by the religious tradition, it was a journey of practice and spiritual development hiking the royal residence and throne halls of The Grand Palace complex, where the renowned Emerald Buddhathe Thais' most revered object of worship, is housed. Between mansions, galleries, subsidiary buildings and venues for important religious and royal ceremonies, all can convene to pay respect to the Lord Buddha and His Teachings -- the prayers, menacingly intimate, and the faith, potent. Without saying, it's worlds apart from the Catholic customs I'm only most familiar with.

Other than temples, Bangkok offers enough adventure for the curious tourist and the hungry backpacker alike! They can find themselves making exciting choices at the bars and restaurants along Khao San Road, or at the shopping and entertainment zone, Siam Square, where malls like the Siam Discovery Centre and Siam Paragon are located. The Chatuchak Weekend Market exists near the skytrain's Mo Chi Station for the adventurous bargain-hunter as well -- good and cheap finds under the sun, in an open-air weekend flea! 

Easily enough, I wouldn't recommend the zoo, but if you ever find yourself wanting to watch some beauty from the wild in The Land of Smiles, crocodiles, tigers, snakes, monkeys, elephants and more are fair residents of the famous Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm & Zoo. And though I didn't get to see any bees(!) up-close at the Big Bee Farm Headquarter in Chonburi (Pattaya), a short trip to the Thepprasit Highland Farm branched in Bangkok was enough to have a look at quality bee products -- from honey, to bee pollen, and other food and beauty items -- and learn how they were made. 

My adventures in Bangkok are one I truly won't forget, and with this collection of photos, I couldn't find a better way to live through the experience a little longer. 

So here marks the first of my travel diaries for the inspiring places I visit and the precious memories I create in them. I've been meaning to write about my travels for a long time now, but regrettably, it's taken me several excuses and too few photos to start. However, since publishing my previous wellness post, my friends from the UK and the US (yes, this is you, Fab, Clare and Mr. Buz Carroll!) have expressed interest in reading more about our lands, which is greatly encouraging! I'm excited to take you with me on my mission to not just put the spotlight on the Philippines, to highlight her stunning beauty as best as I can, but to make it a personal journey to connect with my country and get to know my roots better than what traditional education has taught me. I hope this section of my blog will wake the inner nomad in you and inspire you to make your travels more enriching, fulfilling and meaningful.

Meek x

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