Kajuayan Coconut Water: Kaya ni Juan Yan

November 02, 2015

Late last month at the 4th Muni MarketI had the privilege to meet Kajuayan, a healthy beverage startup from Manila. The center of their business? Fresh coconut water that is extracted from handpicked coconuts and then bottled within the same day! 

You may know that I'm a big fan of coconut water. Mixing it in smoothies, slushies or juices always makes a drinking experience so refreshingly kick-ass! Especially when served cold under the scorching hot sun. MmmmBut aside from that, I also love how it provides almost the same nutrients to our bodies that commercial sports drinks do -- only it's better because it's purely natural and free from unnecessary sugars and additives!

It was lovely to meet the super friendly co-founders of Kajuayan, Jan and Karmi. According to them, they've only just started their business in mid-2015. The participants and attendees of THRIVE Festival and Muni Market, I suppose, are one of the early folks to try their product -- and I sure was lucky to be one of them! It was simply the perfect pick-me-up as I had to walk and run around the venue for the entire duration of the event! 

When I asked Karmi what brought about the name, "Kajuayan," she said that it was to be short for the phrase: "Kaya ni Juan yan." I like that. With the intention of providing healthy and natural drinks to Filipinos while at the same supporting and empowering our local coconut farmers, I have no doubt that the hearts of these two will lead them towards greater, and more beautiful things.

Cheers, Kajuayan!

Meek x

For orders and inquiries, you can reach Kajuayan at any of the following:
0917 314 3167

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