Buboy & Jumong

Welcome to the first of my Calaguas series. I'm writing this just a few hours after getting back home - my skin still uncomfortably sticky and I, proudly smelling of the island's wet market (more on this later). Considering our outstanding lack of planning and financial resource, I'm still trying to wrap my head around how we were able to make this trip happen, and successfully at that. Should I be impressed at how my friends and I have become more persistent than ever with our travel goals, or do I simply marvel at the fact that we turn into pathetically aggressive idiots when putting together a 50-hour beach trip? 

Before I mention any embarrassment that transpired in order to push through with this trip, let me leave you with Buboy and Jumong, two of the menacingly adorable halflings of Calaguas Island, and how they took us on a little adventure to what could only be their very own version of Middle Earth. How I wish they knew how much showing us around that place meant to me, and how I already miss the charming Bikolano accent and the fiery volleyball lessons + match. However amusing our little friendship began, (one minute I'm laughing my butt off making fun of Jumong's nickname, the next he's offering a hiking tour up the hills with his "kumpare" (buddy), Buboy), I can only count on too few possibilities to see these machine guns again. So if you ever meet a Jumong in Paracale or a Buboy in Calaguas itself, passing a hi from me or giving them a bag of Chippy will truly mean a lot. They will also appreciate some fish with rice and "chop-chop" (catsup) if you feel generous.


PS. I'm trying to figure out how to deal with these sunburns plus some bruises that I got from that volleyball - can anybody help?
PPS. Can someone tell me that it was really an Iron Ball in disguise that we played with and not an actual volleyball? 


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