June 05, 2016

In paddling ten and more minutes away from the shore of Calaguas, Aaron and I never realised that a story was brewing up. What started out as a mere idea to swim out to see more corals (possibly to make ourselves feel more badass than the rest of the squad who were occupied with building sandcastles with the kids on the beach. Possibly...) became a full-blown adventure filled with air gasps, burning throats, and underwater blindness. He actually didn’t know how to take underwater photos at the time, but you gotta take advantage of your friend’s camera, and not to mention the clearest water you can play/dance/make inappropriate scary shark jokes in when you get the chance — trust me, you will. So right after a 1-on-1 crash course on action cam-ing with AJ, Aaron and I took it from above to right underneath the ocean’s surface and put his skills to the test. 

First, I'll tell you this. The world under the surface, my so-called happy place, will take your breath away (pun intended). There was a bit of spluttering here and there, given that we didn’t have any piece of safety or protective gear other than a single pair of goggles. It was also the closest we’d ever gotten to tasting the Pacific Ocean so we had to be mindful as we ventured into deeper waters. Secondly, snapping these shots on his first take on underwater photography, completely unfazed by the current (and the possibility of a giant dark shadow popping from beneath us), is well beyond a girl's mermaid dreams. I’ve been trying and struggling to textually present this story for a couple of days now, to be honest, thinking that the images speak for themselves quite well enough; the motion from my favourite place captured and the emotion, communicated. You also can't deny the silent beauty of the deep blue once you’re in it; you will take it in and it will astound you. Now, as I virtually take you with us on this adventure, I hope you enjoy our little — can you believe it? — impromptu number. And maybe, just maybe, find yourself wanting to do a little mermaid twirl of your own.

Photography: Aaron Sumayo

Location: Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte

(Special thanks to Shary & AJ for the hearty laughs, for being your dirty hilarious selves, but mostly for putting up with my crazy requests. #RelationshipGoals for life.)


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