August 31, 2016

There couldn't be a better term that would encapsulate my 3-day vacation in Bataan perfectly. Accompanied by my chin-gu, Alice, we left Manila a day after the last of Term 3 and then spent an entire evening holding cramped standing positions on a congested bus. An amusing experience at the time, yet little did we know it was only a warmup to an even more uncomfortable (and yes, incredibly muddy) day ahead of us. So here I bring you some postcards of our rainy trek up and down the hills of Batangas Dos in Mariveles, featuring Alice's photography of the animals we encountered, the friends we made (who doubled as our guides) and that time we got stranded and fed at a small family's hilltop home when the weather was at its angriest. It took several cuts and burns and 5 pairs of bare feet walking through clay and water to manage to capture these, which was but the only and perfect way to memorialise another remarkable day in both our lives.

Photos: Alice and yours truly
*We would like to thank the Medina family for being such a sweet host (and for the best square-cut pandesal each morning of our stay!).

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