October 15, 2016

A hybrid of the sets of a 2008 romance fantasy film and a 2005 horror film -- that was the impression Lake Danum left me with as we drove back down to South Road. Supposedly, tourists would come here to catch the best sunset view in town. Unfortunately (or fortunately), for us, the weather was not our friend and we were left to watch layers and layers of clouds rolling on the water and in and out through the tall pines. 

For a person who delights in orange beach-y sunsets and the sound of ocean waves, I was too easily diverted and completely absorbed by the new pace and a refreshing kind of silence. If I had some sort of an epiphany in between filming our visit and getting amused every time I exhaled tiny clouds (forgive me, I live in the steamy Manila), it would probably be this: If things really happened as they did in the movies, I wouldn't doubt that Emily really did find peace as she limped towards the fog, instead of walking into the glistening light.

Relive the adventure in action with me here.

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