October 17, 2016



"Where do broken hearts go?" they ask. A month after seeing the famed Kiltepan Sunrise and I still
 don't have the answer. Is it really in Sagada? I can't be sure. But what I did find there is this. 

The food wherever you go to eat in Sagada is healthy and fresh. There is no fast food, no drive-thru's,
 no deliveries, not even a convenience store. Here you cook your own meals and you get freshly
 brewed, locally-grown coffee (mostly for free!) at literally any time.

There is a 9 PM curfew that is respected and followed by all. This rule, no matter how much it may
 suck for you, ensures that you tuck yourself in bed and rise early in the morning. 

Although you can use private vehicles or rent a van or a motorcycle to take you around, walking is
 encouraged here. And even if you're not the walking type, you might surprise yourself with how 
pleasurable it is to do here as you're surrounded with fresh air and a harmonious community.

The climate, as cold as it was in September, will be balanced by the warm social environment offered
 to you by the Sagada locals. While it is lovely enough as it is to find yourself talking to them over a
hot cup of Arabica coffee, sometimes you get lucky (like I did) and make new friends with other 
visitors, and your stay becomes 10 times cozier than when you first arrived.

What I'm saying is, maybe you don't go to Sagada to heal your broken heart, or to find others in the
 same condition, or to re-create that scene from that romantic comedy. You go there simply because 
it allows you to run a 1-on-1 check on yourself, to re-learn the fundamentals of a good life, and to get 
a  grasp of who you are and how strong you've been to stay alive all this time. Who knows? Maybe 
you'll even discover that you're not broken after all -- just yearning to breathe again because you 
haven't been able to for years.


Relive the adventure in action with me here.

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