October 14, 2016

Assuming that all goes right this academic term, I have about 4 months left in university to accomplish my secret list of things and places that I need to experience before I graduate. The Cordilleras was once a region that held a special spot on that list, but now, it is one that has carved itself a special place in my heart. What took my friend, Micah, and I months of planning and customising itineraries yet only took 7 days to complete has officially become a highlight in the college chapter of my life (and life in general). So here, I bring you a batch of postcards from the Mountain Province, specifically, from the sleepy town of Sagada, the first major stop of my Northern retreat. One would think 6 months of simultaneous internship and thesis work begged for this getaway, but really, Sagada (previously called "Ganduyan") should simply be something that all breathing being must visit at least once in their life. Call it a universal Mecca -- built especially for coffee drinkers and those who appreciate sunrises above the clouds.


Relive the adventure in action with me here.

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