January 07, 2017



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I wish I could tell you of a more adventurous story to ring in another new year in this space. But, as the world of social media in which we live won't let me deny, my life during the holidays was nothing but quiet -- I'm not sure how else to put it.

Upon finding out I was graduating in February three weeks ago, I immediately and most eagerly decided to give myself the rest I'd felt I deserved after almost 4 years of studying (mostly winging), dress code policies, and caffeine-powered nights, and finally catch that deep, much-needed, much-awaited breath. So, in between stuffing my face with french fries and HBO series on Christmas and morning calligraphy breaks at Starbucks around New Years, I think it's funny that this Zambales story ever even surfaced.

It was around 11PM on December 27th when a familiar Snapchat ping would have me on the road to the North 5 hours later, and in a sick and sleepless state. If my condition had been different, I'm pretty sure you would have the standard shots of me in a monokini, surfboard in hand, the water in the background. But instead, you see photos of a girl who, 1.) had just spent 8 hours caraoke-ing; 2.) was now basking in the sun; 3.) was about to crash out on hot sand, and; 4.) would later on have cold soba and more caraoke for dinner.

Although a full video of my trip will come to my channel soon, I just wanted to send you all the best vibes for 2017 with this piece. I'm spending my break trying to figure out what it is I truly want to say, or do, or create, and I find it's not the easiest thing, especially when there's so many you wish you could do (and do well) at once. And so, wherever you are in the world, whatever it is you do, I genuinely hope that you find the courage to finally go after your heart's greatest desires and biggest dreams as the possibilities of the new year take its place. If they don't, don't worry; I'll be here with you, waiting, as will every last beautiful beach sunset.

Photography: Ralf Lagleva (@ralfml)
Layout/Editing: Meek
Moving images: Meek

Location: Crystal Beach, Zambales

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