Rock Wit U

July 06, 2017

Here's a scrapped TV show from the 2000's your parents never told you about.

Welcome to the second of my Tribute dance series! Each video, I will be performing a piece to pay tribute to a certain aspect, time, experience, or individual that has played a role in molding and leading me to where I am currently in life.

For this piece, I pay tribute to my favorite era in music + overall style.

Major thanks to Chloei Capili for the push and the never-ending patience!

Of course, thank you also to my amazing talented girls for taking part in this project. Check em out!

Rannii Panganiban:
Maxine Ordonez:

Writing: Meek Resngit
Camera: Chloei Capili
Edit: Meek Resngit + Chloei Capili
Song: “Rock Wit U” by Ashanti

Watch the full Tribute dance series here!

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