October 19, 2017

Here's a secret: I like shoots. I'm not quite sure if it’s the dressing up, the dressing down, the possibilities of turning a person into someone they’re not, the possibilities of turning someone into who they are, or simply its quality which enables us, as spectators, to peer through someone else's lens and see things from their unique angle of the world. Regardless of which way the camera is positioned, on-cam or behind the lens, I’m endlessly fascinated by how one little tool can capture worlds beyond the eye can see. 

I was scheduled to shoot with Matt for a travel/lifestyle project one very cool October morning.

It was a day of firsts for me, you see, as 1.) I don’t think I’d ever modelled for a male photographer (let alone in an all-testosterone-fuelled set); 2.) I’d never modelled as sickly as I was before that day and; 3.) I’d never posed for anything that required me to spend an entire day with about 80% of my skin exposed. With my head throbbing and my nose dripping for a good half of the shoot, I recall how it all felt surprisingly comfortable, and possibly even empowering as Matt snapped one shot after another, with 3 other males to witness my awkward posing and body's imperfections firsthand.

I suppose you must have witnessed my growth (having spent the past year practically living on-camera), yet if you would consider my lack of experience for this kind of material and what stripping down to just a tiny bathing suit only to be photographed meant to me, this shoot proved to be quite the opposite of what I’d completely worried it would be. To say the least, it was freeing.

Just in time before the storm clouds rolled in, a petite, almost pixie-like girl armed with a camera as big as her smile entered the set. I believe Matt was trying to figure out what to do for his next layout at this point when said pixie girl asked if she could step in to sneak some shots. She appeared to know what she was doing, so, without hesitation, I agreed.

Within (and I’m totally guesstimating this) 5 minutes of me struggling to look graceful in between curtains of plants and lots (and lots) of direction, Ara was able to create this “scene" of a photoset which could so deceivingly convince as a piece from a private Balinese getaway. And so this story surfaces.

Shoots never run out of thrill and time and time again, they have led me to countless events of self-realisation and incredible talents that - and you can take this from me - just sprout up out of nowhere. Unpredictable as it is, but it's another thing that makes being in the creative scene so worthwhile despite being self-employed and having to stress out every other week about how you’re going to feed yourself. It is literally an open space for collaboration (accidental or otherwise), making way to make real the worlds, dimensions, and impossibilities which this one cannot ever come close to offer.

Slowly, I get a firmer grasp of the whole “starving artist” reality the more I invest in this little self-branding business of mine, but how could I possibly stop, knowing there’s an endless world out there just waiting for me to create/penetrate? I, out of curiosity, would like to ask you to pinpoint what it is that keeps you in this scene. Also, how are your eating habits?

Watch the full BTS of this photoshoot right here!

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