September '17 Favorites

October 03, 2017

I've been thinking about doing these kinds of videos for more than a year now. In fact, if you allow me to share a little secret with you, this is not the first favorites video that I filmed and published on YouTube. Yep.

Earlier this year, I uploaded a January favorites, which, more or less talked about material products that I'd had and loved for a while but were not exactly things that were "helpful" to me, or to anybody that saw that video. Just like most of the things that I did earlier in my life on YouTube, I created the video merely just for entertainment - for the "comedy" of it. Surprisingly, I did not feel as happy or as fulfilled as I thought I would, and all this, I realized only a few days after hitting the publish button.

You can't nor will ever be able to see that video anymore. As I'm getting closer to turning another year older, I've decided to start staying true to who I really am and connect and learn and grow as genuinely, honestly and openly with as many people as I could touch with my little video creations - I figured this was one of a dozen other things that our world (or YouTube) today lacks.

On my second (yet more honest attempt) at this, I talk about goods that are not tangible, but I know should benefit you and anyone who ever comes across this video in one way or another, as they did me, in more ways than just one.

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