November 05, 2017

Well, this may just be the most exciting thing I've ever done on this website. I've always been in love with the idea of splattering paint recklessly on paper ever since I watched my first episode of Art Attack in the 90's. I've never been as quick or precise an artist as Neil Buchanan no matter how hard I try (trust the hours and hours of layering, photo-taking, layering, "drawing", lip-smacking, editing, and layering to get everything right), but I hope you find even the slightest bit of enjoyment as you look at these "adult" version, if you will, of what could either be a good kindergarten or anger management class project. Featuring, of course, the tools - a.k.a. my favorite items in my makeup bag at the moment - that I used to recreate one of my favorite film characters from NYX Professional Makeup Philippines for Halloween. 

Please take a piece of advice and put them on your face, not on paper.

 "One moment of pain, perhaps, and then...
...sleep, forever and ever and ever."


Products used:


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