November 22, 2017

It is quite a known fact that I have a love-hate relationship with social media. Usually, when I’m not scrolling through my Facebook timeline (which, thank god for this generation, now serves as an arsenal of dog videos), I am off about my other tasks where writing, filming, editing, and most of all, avoiding sketchy/inappropriate message requests from randos (this happens more often than anyone knows) and getting called a “snob” for it in return are involved. Yet, in as much toxicity as one could absorb from staying online (WATCH: On Misogyny & Sexual Harassment), I have also accepted that the world where we have harnessed a culture of shaming, blaming, and calling out, we have also learned to grow in the values of love, respect, and acceptance together, as a generation. And, as far as online creatives are concerned, I am proud that we have sprouted more convenient and accessible ways to connect with other traditional artists an/or digital creatives - in the midst of all this noise - to bring about stories such as this. 

The online world could be so harsh and so heavy, but it’s not such a bad place to be, I’ve learned, when other creatives come knocking at your door with an opportunity to create to offer. Specifically, when a Jana Francisco (a.k.a. Southfaced) slides into your Instagram messages and proposes you a shoot in a fashion that even Romeo’s balcony profession of love for Juliet would come crying in the bathroom. This is part 1/2 of my plus/minus 3 hours around Makati with her (the girl shoots maniacally fast!), which I like to call Some Meme About Falling Down the Stairs in Front of Someone Cute. 

Ralph Lauren shirt / Marks & Spencer jeans
Lovisa gold choker / H&M boots

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