November 23, 2017

From growing up performing at school plays and contests to performing at dance concerts/gigs, I have had my entire life to learn to do makeup on my own. Yet, with all the new trends and techniques that have been developed over the years, it somehow feels like I’m learning makeup for the first time each time I hold a brush to my face! 

Justine (or as she’s commonly called, J.L.) was tagged to come help out with Jana’s shoot with me and served as my makeup artist/stylist for parts 1 and 2 of the set. I’m gonna be honest and say that being with the two ladies transported me back to 12, when I was getting my makeup done by my aunt for my first ever fashion-type photoshoot; I felt like I had zero knowledge about beauty! Fortunately for me, the infectious humour and positive energy from both Jana and J.L. throughout the session strongly stood where my makeup skills lacked - and that is the only thing I could really hope for a fun, productive shoot when I have to be placed in front of the camera.

You know, I hadn’t casually worn red on my eyes before this shoot (the other only time I wore red eyeshadow is when I performed a Pirates of the Caribbean piece), but I think I’m gonna stick with this look for a while. Thank you for teaching me this, ladies! And more importantly, thank you for the most fun, and quickest shoot I’ve had in a while. x

Photography: Jana Francisco
Styling/Makeup: JL Sy Manangan
Editing/Layout: Meek Resngit

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