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December 01, 2017

It's here. The blood, sweat, and tears of the last 4 months (give or take), the dream ever since I made my first performance costume in high school, and the hope that this little project might just allow me to keep pursuing the YouTube dream. I know it's insane and maybe a little much for a way to ask for support, however, the idea of launching something of my own and with the season creating an opportunity too perfect to make every single person who's watched, liked, or shared a video feel extra special for both Christmas and my birthday had made it too timely, exciting and special to pass up. So, to you, who were with me when I jump-started my YouTube channel; you, who have just found me through a recommended video and decided to stay, and; you, who have been with me through all the videos in between: you have made it my mission to chase life's biggest adventures, and make each moment more remarkable and cherished than the last. You give me purpose every time you decide to click and live my little adventures with me. Now, it's your turn to take the lead and take me to adventures of your own.

(This one's for us, my darling pineappleheads. I hope you don't hate it.)

Designs / Creative Direction / StylingMeek Resngit
PhotographyDana Malang / Meek Resngit
Layout / EditingMeek Resngit
ModelsAlex Quinto / Dana Malang / Meek Resngit / Mic Comia / Mohamed Abdalla
VideoDana Malang / Meek Resngit / Ralf Lagleva
Special ThanksDaniel Tan / Gabriel Garcia

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