December 22, 2017

"Christmas?!" "No way" "Does that mean you get two gifts for your birthday?"

These sorts of questions are probably the less annoying part about having your birthday on Christmas. (Okay, fine - it does suck to have a Christmas and a birthday present in one. Just read this listicle of the pains of your average Christmas baby to give you a more visual explanation). Yet, in as much as I consider it to be truly the best and most important time of the year, I couldn't help but grow to hate the particular holiday at the same time growing up. Go ahead - call me spoiled, ungrateful, or whatever.

This piece is a semi-rant, semi-tribute, semi-live demo of my love-hate relationship with Christmas. I have gathered my North Pole Dancers squad with my PIC, Chloei, my (just-discovered) mini-me, Tyeshia, and even my slutty Santa counterpart, to tell you a story of a young girl who only had one simple wish for her birthday: to get to celebrate it with the ones she cared about the most. A secret? It's pretty much the same one she'd keep wishing until she turned 21.


Merry Christmas, pineappleheads! Remember that taking it easy on food is not an option this season.

Have a wonderful one!

Written, directed & edited by yours truly
Choreography by Meek Resngit

Meek Resngit as Captain Nut Cracker/Santa's Third Ho
Morgan Tomelden as Miss Deery Queen
Pau Buenaventura as Jolly Slay-Bells
Tyeshia Lilam as Mini Meek

Camera (dance): Chloei Capili 
Camera (sketch): Mikee

Music: "December" by Ariana Grande


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