No Ego: ANARCHY at B-Side The Collective (feat. LITLORDS) - RECAP

Anarchy marks the first year since a few dedicated bass-heads gathered to introduce trap music to Manila.

As a continuing celebration of No Ego PH's first birthday, let's recount the times we danced and banged our heads 'til the morning in 2017 (the way years and years of dance training couldn't even come close to perfect).

Anarchy at Mow's

Our paths first crossed when Patrick Ruben, founder and No Ego's supreme overlord, came knocking on our door to help publicise their event, back when I still worked as the host and face of U Do U and AfterParty. Due to a scheduling conflict, I didn't get to attend Anarchy at Mow's QC myself, but I did have the pleasure of editing the official Afterparty movie (see below), which, was also the closest I had to experiencing a trap event. You could also read the full story here!

Riot House

The second time I got to work with No Ego (and my first as an independent partner!), I was invited by Patrick to be an official media sponsor/vlogger for their biggest and most special event yet - their first anniversary event. An exciting project as even then, I had yet to attend a single trap event and had no idea of how these things went and differed from the usual concerts and gigs I go to.

There was a series of pre-parties leading up to the main event, and one that I had the pleasure of attending was Riot House at Blackmarket in Makati. Nervous, and electrified by the familiar Blackmarket lights (or the absence thereof) and ground-thumping bass, I was warmly received by Patrick, who, until that moment I had only known via a consistent online correspondence (can you believe it?). And with company as sweet as the free-flowing whiskey, I enjoyed the night very much that I almost didn't mind how a random guy accidentally spilled an entire glass on my shirt. *see photos above

See how it all goes down here!

ANARCHY: The No Ego Anniversary Party

Finally, we come to the big culmination of such an amazing and fruitful year for No Ego PH.

Anarchy: The Anniversary Party gathered in one night not only the most talented trap artists in Manila, but as well as The Two Crazy Motherfuckers Reppin The Hard Sound themselves, Litlords. Truly, there is no better way to describe the event than it was one. heck. of. a. neck-breaking. dance party. If there was one mistake I'd committed that night (other than not attending a trap party so much sooner in my life), it would definitely be this: I should have brought an extra shirt.

Congratulations, No Ego PH! Looking forward to more of these neck-cracking nights with you in the years to come.

Watch the night unfold here!

Special thanks to the following people:
Patrick Ruben of No Ego PH (raised a million!)
Maxine Ordonez & JP Tabangcura
Lord Marin


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