January 03, 2019

Meek is a digital creative, host, licensed financial consultant, and entrepreneur.


Since graduating from De La Salle University in 2017, Meek has developed concepts and created content for brands like Smart, TNT, PLDT, U Do U and AfterParty, all the while, creating and developing content of her own. With a primary focus on personal development, spiritual wellness, and achieving financial success, Meek has published informative essays, podcasts, and mini seminar-type videos on online platforms such as YouTube and Facebook; her online persona and work leading to partnerships with brands such as Shoephoric, Medicate Media, and No Ego PH, over the years.


The Boss

Inspired by the businesses, entrepreneurs and fellow creatives she has encountered in Manila, Meek developed and founded DELIBERATE - a merchandising venture dedicated to producing high-quality clothing, paper and lifestyle products that move people in the direction of their dreams - in 2018.With production currently in progress, brands, DELIBERATE Creation and DELIBERATE Movement are both set to launch in 2019.

Financial Consultant

One of Meek’s advocacies is to educate Filipinos on the importance of investing and growing their money according to the goals they want to achieve, the dreams they plan to build, and the quality of life they wish to have in the future. As a licensed agent of Pru Life UK, a Philippine subsidiary of Prudential PLC London, Meek aims to alleviate the fear Filipinos have of investing by teaching her clients to be comfortable with the subject of money as well as coaching them to make informed and effective decisions with their financial resources.

Host, etc.

Combining her sunshiny charisma and compelling onscreen presence, Meek takes it from the screen to the stage with her hosting and public speaking skills. Over the course of 4 years, Meek has hosted university and music events, and served as the resident host and ambassador for udou.ph and AfterParty in 2017.


Meek hopes to one day inspire self-confidence and personal development in kids and adults alike through mentorship programs, seminars and conferences.

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